Friday, September 4, 2009

Alone in a quiet room.
Alone in a quiet room. Getting here was quite a journey. I guess you could say it took a lifetime. But I got here. I sat attentively on a plush, gray office chair and waited patiently as if expecting my name to soon be called from a roster. I sat upright in the front row, midway in, directly in front of the whiteboard. I never sat in a front row before. I was either too tall or my name began with the last letter of the alphabet and I was always ushered to the back row, last seat in a room with forty-nine shorter girls and fifty wooden chairs. I looked around at the stark beige walls. I checked my watch and set it back ten minutes to synchronize with the digital display on the computer monitor in front of me. I let out a slow deep sigh. Class begins in an hour-and-a-half, I thought to myself, and I am right on time.


  1. Didn't I see and comment on this and the next item on the course blog?

  2. Yes. However, when I realized I put the on the wrong blog,I then placed them on the correct blog here. Sorry for the confusion.