Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I-search Update 9/30/2009

QUES: How can I improve the quality of the visits my Dad and I have at my home?
How can I maintain a healthy Father-Daughter relationship w/o Dad feeling inadequate in his role as a Dad

contacting/speaking with Kristie Miner- Reflections Program Director at Westgate Manor in Bangor , contacting Jody McKenna, physical therapist there

Kindred Healthcare and Bangor Adult Ed giving classes for caregivers of Alzheimer's residents
getting ideas, feedback, suggestions for those of us giving care at home/interaction

MPBN radio host Suzanne Nance, program airing Sept. 24, 27 " role of caregiver...caring for parent..." will get her feedback as it may apply to me


  1. Looks fine to me. Keep track of dates, names, and so on for your eventual source list.