Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 2 Unique Graf#4

I have long, blonde hair which I always wear either tied back in a pony tail or in an up-sweep. I have my Dad's light blue eyes, fair complexion, and am the same height as my Mom when she met my Dad. I am 5' 8". I have pierced ears but that is all. I have worn glasses ever since I had Chicken Pox as a child. I have a scar above my right temple as a reminder of the childhood disease. My eyeglass frames have gotten more conservative over the years. Today, they are simply black and rectangular. I drive a 1996, pewter colored, Mercury Sable. My son gave it to me when he joined the Army. Because I teach art three days a week in the community, my car is always filled with easels, totes, art supplies and props for drawing demonstrations. Easy to spot in any parking lot, I keep a white stuffed cat in the back window. I am an artist and I own Main Street Studio in Brewer. I am the oldest student in my Digital Graphics Design Class at Eastern Maine Community College. I ask the most questions in class. I prefer to live in New England. I have traveled across the country with my husband while he was in the Air Force. I love to garden. In giving directions to get to my house, I give a street number but tell people to look for the house engulfed in shrubs, flowers and trees. If you should get disorientated, follow the birds, I am the only one in the neighborhood with bird feeders. And the birds have found everyone of them. I like oldies music, folk festivals, and concerts at the Hatch in Boston. My comfort food is potato. I love cold pizza for breakfast. My favorite color is yellow-the color of the sun. I like regular Pepsi and it has to be served in a tall, clear glass. My favorite article of clothing is the sweater I wore in High School. I carry the same wallet my best girlfriend gave me at Christmas time in 1968. I tend to save more than I throw out. I like clutter, antiques, and the smell of firewood. I am afraid of heights and dogs. ( Sorry, John.) If I sneeze, the whole church congregation turns around. Of my High School graduating class, I have been married the longest, 40 years, and I have the most children-7. I love traveling Amtrak and the conductors know me by name. I ask a lot of questions. I love winter and look forward to using my husbands snow blower. My walkways are always the first to be shoveled in my neighborhood.


  1. Great collection of items! I'm impressed--and especially impressed that you let go of your desire to organize and just let this sit on the page in the order it came out--that apparent 'disorganization' is in this one particular case the correct organization!