Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 2 Personalizing Writing

As a child, I never truly understood what my Mother was saying when every year she would tell my siblings and me, "Don't buy me anything now for my birthday. Save your money. You will need it some day. Make me a card and write me something nice instead. " And so I would, along with a "real" present of course. The trinkets are long gone, I can not really remember what it was I did buy in any given year.

Any time I go to visit her now, she always has a box on her dinning room table for me to view.
She saved every card and letter I ever made for her on her birthday (and other occasions too).
Together, we reminisce as we go through each page. Some of the words to my many poems she committed to heart and can recite back to me. I also remembered her words to me. "Save your money. You will need it someday." And she was right, I now have student loans. And she still has "something nice."


  1. Is this your graf about an item or thing? YOur mother sounds like a wise woman!

  2. This is not a graf about an item or a thing.

    Week: 2, 9/11 lecture, Personalizing Writing
    I read this lecture, the last line said to: "Write right up to your elbows. Writing worth writing is always going to be alive. Write something alive." This is my response to "individual" writing. It is "unique" to me because no one else can put their name on the cards I signed and the poems I wrote to my Mother.

    Week: #2, 9/11, Work to do : Unique Graf#4 describes my physical traits (hair color, etc.), the car I drive and all the stuff I haul in it to the locations I teach at. That assignment is posted elsewhere on this blog.

    Week #3, 9/14, Work to do: Things Graf #5
    describes my Grandmother's mahogany china cabinet. That assignment is also posted elsewhere on this blog. I also made an entry to it after reading your comments.