Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 3 Getting started with I-search lecture (and brainstorming)

Rule One: Write about something that matters to me.
The well being, the health of my parents matters to me, this I-search is prompted by my Dad having recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and how this has influenced my life.
I want to know what are the chances I will also get Alzheimer’s Disease someday too? We are so similar in many ways: physically, our interests, behavior patterns, idiosyncrasies, etc

Rule Two: What I want to find out.
Exactly what is Alzheimer’s Disease?
Is it a deterioration of the mind and can it be reversed?
How likely am I to also get this disease? Or my siblings? Or my children?
What “specifically” has happened in the body/brain and can it be counter corrected?
Is this a “normal” part of aging? If so, will my Mother be diagnosed next?
Is it hereditary?
Is there a gene for this disease and could I be predisposed?
Is there a lab test to check for this malady?
Could this disease be prevented with diet and lifestyle changes, like diabetes and
high blood pressure? I have high blood pressure and border line diabetes.
Is there a cure?
How common is this disease among older adults? Male/Female, Ethnic backgrounds.
Are children and adolescence at risk too?
Is it linked to other diseases too, like Parkinson’s Disease?

I already know fifty years ago, my neighbor was diagnosed with a similar disorder-and I was told he had Parkinson’s Disease. How do the two differ?

What do I want to write about? ………………………….….....Alzheimer’s Disease
What do you want to find out about your topic?……………..How likely am I to get Alzheimer’s Disease someday?
What are your questions about the topic?………………………….See Rule 2 above
How does it connect to my life?…………….My great uncle on my Dad’s side, my Dad and my Grandmother (Mother’s Mom) were all diagnosed with this.
I want to know how to properly care for my Dad in this state now.
What , if any, are the do’s and don’ts, so he can still have autonomy and quality of life.
If deemed necessary or appropriate, what can I do for myself now to benefit later if I should find myself pre-disposed to Alzheimer’s disease?

Give three reasons why you like the topic?
1. I am conscientious about my health.
2. It is science-based. I was a Biology major in college. I ask a lot of questions and
science always seems to give me my answers.
3. My I-search may help someone else who shares the same questions.

2nd search lecture, update on brainstorming

“Number 1” Personal Background
Routine lab results are falling into “marginal” ranges.
Witnessing and acknowledging aging process.
Family history of Alzheimer’s Disease.

What I think I know…

I am inclined to think at some point in time, most people will have Alzheimer’s Disease.
I think people are living longer and so we will be more inclined to eventually get such diseases.
I think it is 50/50: male to female, any ethnic group is equally vunerable.


  1. This will work as a topic--you're basically brainstorming your eventual direction here; for the sake of the isearch I'd push it toward the personal and family angles and away from the general information angle .

  2. Thank you for your feed back,John. I now have a direction to focus on.