Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week #3 Things graf #5 Revised 1

It may look like any other piece of furniture in my home. In fact, I have two that are almost identical. One was given to me after my Grandmother passed almost thirty-five years ago and the other I purchased at an estate auction only two years ago. One came to me with memories, the other with an auctioneers bill of sale. To a stranger, they are both beautiful mahogany china cabinets over crowded with fine bone china.

Of all the grand rooms in my Grandmother's home in Jamica Plain, the dining room holds the most vivid recollections I have of being there. As I sat in her dining room, I would stare at the reflection of myself in the glass of this china cabinet. Then, I would study my Grandmother's features to see if we resembled one another as much as everyone said we did. And we did.

As a child, it was entertaining to watch the reflections of all the other people in the room too. It was a polite way to stare at people. Every visit concluded with a "nice" cup of tea. And, after we washed up the tea cups and carefully placed them back into this china cabinet, she would always tell me, "Someday, Carolyn, this will be yours."

"Someday" did come. Now, when I finish doing the Spring and Fall cleaning in my own diningroom, I will select a cup among her fine Bavarian china, sip a "nice" cup of tea, and stare at myself in the glass of this treasured piece of furniture. And, with every stroke of Murphy's Old English Furniture Polish I apply to her mahogany wood, I recall my Grandmother's promise and I am touching "someday".


  1. Smiling out here in Swanville: smiling that you decided to do surgery rather than apply bandaids around the edges. That always impresses the heck out of me because it speaks to the writer's relationship to her work: as writer, not student.

    I couldn't have foreseen the direction; I think it works very well.

    PS I have to tell you that I know I use 'nice' and 'nicely' very frequently in comments. I offer no apologies!

    Nice rewrite, nice piece.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I am pleased with the rewrite too. Initially, I think I tried to combine too many potential grafs into one. I will save those for another time.