Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WEEK #4 Isearch brainstorm

A work in be added to info already posted Week 3 Getting started with I-search lecture ( and brainstorming)

What is Alzheimer's Disease ?
German physician Alois Alzheimer
Contact Massachusetts General Hospital for leads
Is there a local chapter? What info do they have?
Do they have support groups? What are they like?

Google name:

Why does it happen to some people and not others?

I seem to be following in the foot steps of my Dad in many areas, is this going to be one of them
Maternal Grandmother had Alzheimer's Disease
Great Uncle on Dad's side had Alzheimer's Disease

More Questions:
I wonder how much research has actually been done on this disease?
Has it lost or gained funding with our new administration?
How many people have even ever heard of Alzheimer's?
Can stress cause the disease, like high blood pressure?
Does ones cholesterol levels factor into play here?
If a test could was available, would I really want to know?
How would I feel if I tested positive?
I wonder if climate has any affect on Alzheimer's Disease?
What is the treatment plan if any?
What are the facts, figures, myths?

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  1. You can probably find online support groups/info exchanges if you try google groups.