Thursday, October 22, 2009

Annotated Bibliography (10-23-2009) Assignment

Works Cited
"Alzheimer's Disease." Alzheimer's Association | Home. Web. 20 Oct. 2009. . Excellent resource, I highly recommend this site. The site explains what the disease is, identifies its warning signs, diagnosis, treatments, and myths. Clinical studies are cited. A computer graphics slide show gives an illustrated view of the various stages of the disease. Easy to read, understand and follow.

Monsen, Rita B. Genetics And Ethics In Health Care. Silver Spring: The Program of ANA American Nurses Association, 2008. Print. The book is directed towards nurses and health care providers. It discusses the scientific, moral, religious, cultural, and ethical responsibilities of genetic assessment and the consequences of how that information may be utilized to benefit or otherwise an individual and society. Statistics were noted in case studies.

The Weekly [Bangor] 24 Sept. 2009, Weekly edition ed., Senior Beat sec.: 1+. Print. Carol Higging Taylor is director of communications at Eastern Area Agency On Aging in Bangor, Maine. Her weekly column offers practical suggestions, resources,contact information, referral agencies, and tips targeted towards senior citizens on finances,health, nutrition, safety, and well-being. Information is also useful for young adults. Articles are brief yet very informative. I would strongly recommend this column to caregivers, heads of households, and adults with parents in both assisted living facilities and living independently.

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