Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 5 Graf # 9 Meta-graf on writing cause essay

On Saturday, September 19, my daughter and her two children came over to visit. They brought with them a beautiful mum plant. Everyone always gives me plants as a gift for any occasion. I love to garden. My husband and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on the 15th.

I told her I will keep the plant in the house, where I seem to spend most of my time now when I am not in a classroom. Jennifer asked if I already had a russet colored mum plant in the garden. "No, not this year, " I replied. " I have been so busy with teaching and now with classes at EMCC, I haven't been able to get back to gardening at all this summer. I have let Nature reclaim her gardens this year."

After a snack in the kitchen (Grandmothers love to feed children), my Grandson asked his Mom if we could NOW go see the fountain in the backyard. We walked through an area I call the "Courtyard" and down a flight of stone steps to the "Lower Garden". I tell Colton and Lily how Grandpa and I built those steps together a long time ago. Over time, the stones have shifted and I hold their hands for sure footing.

Together, we walked through my " jungle" and over to the pond to look for frogs. Colton asked where the fountain went. I had been so preoccupied this summer, that my husband and I never even got to set the fountain in the pond. We remove it yearly for maintenance.

After they left, I stayed outside for awhile and walked around the yard avoiding the tall grass. I watched my step, wondering if any poison ivy had crept into the area again. My neighbor has plenty of it. I watched the bees take a drink from the pond and fly off. How harmless they looked. I quickly moved away for fear of being stung.

My husband was working late that day so I would be home alone until close to midnight. I came back into the house with my thoughts, watered the mum plant, and sat down at the computer and began my "intro".


  1. Carolyn--that's nice, a nice piece. I assign this metagraf so that students who never have before now do have a chance to think about their own writing and where it comes from and what they think of what they have done and what works and what doesn't and so on.

    Obviously, the assignment did not catch you in a 'never had a chance to think about their own writing' situation, so I'm pleased that you offered something so rich and textured in a situation where you really didn't need to offer anything much at all.

  2. Thank you, John. If I wrote a graf for every thought I have ever had, there would be volumes.