Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 6 October 7, 2009 Outro to Classification
Title: Three Story House

So, fifteen years ago, while I was vacationing at the family cottage in New Hampshire, I contacted a realtor in Maine. I told her exactly what type of house I was looking for in my retirement. It would need to have at least 5 bedrooms to accomodate family/guests visiting during the year, a closet in each and preferably a hall closet too by the front door. And, I would like all the doors to have glass door knobs. I liked large windows, preferably a foot off the floor reaching as close to a 12' ceiling as possible to watch the seasons change outside. The seasons set my inner clock. I wanted the pitina of original hardwood floors. They always lend a warm atmosphere to a room. No upgrades, please. I liked forced hot water in freestanding, upright , old fashioned radiators. They are great for drying ski pants and mittens, and occasionally leaning against. I will also need a large front porch to accomodate some white wicker patio furniture and all my house plants in the summer months. An acre lot would be adequate, but more would be better allowing more space to garden. I would like to be on a main road so I can give easy directions to my guests coming from out of state. Every one has expressed to me their fear of running into bears up here. A one-car detached garage would be adequate. I down sized my 9-passanger Impala station wagon quite some time ago. "If it is not asking too much, could you please, find a house with yellow-vinyl?", I remember saying over the telephone. Yellow is the color of the sun and makes me smile and vinyl is maintenance free and that makes me smile more. I would much rather garden than paint a three-story house.


  1. I jumped a little ahead of myself here (looking at the syllabus)and wrote the whole essay. Once I start writing, it just flows...
    So, I included just the "Outro" here to comply with the assignment. I will await your comments and go from there.

  2. With a graf this big, this complex, it's hard for me to say yea or nay until I see the whole essay. If I'm guessing correctly about the middle material, this will work, unless there's an imbalance in detail and depth.

    Let's see the whole thing now.