Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WEEK #9 FREESTYLE (10-26-2009) REACTION GFAF (10-26-2009)
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As I approach my soapbox…

My reaction to this website is two-fold. First and foremost , I am outraged at the idea of a human being deliberately setting out to deceive another. My faith in mankind , and I stress the second half of this wood- kind, is destroyed. To pull off such a scam takes: thought, planning, organization, intelligence, determination, and sophisticated computer skills. Those same talents could (and should) have been utilized to benefit mankind.

I wish the perpetrator had put some conscious “thought” into what he/she was planning before executing any of this fraud. These same wholesome characteristics could have legitimately directed countless individuals to higher education. And they could then be proud of their accomplishments instead of the shame and disgrace this behavior will now bring them.

Secondly, my heart sighs for those who fell into this trap. As a human being myself, I feel an obligation to tell those aspiring students, I am sorry you were misled, misinformed, and misdirected. I apologize that one of my own members deceived you.

Your intentions to seek a higher education are noteworthy and I applaud your efforts. I hope this unfortunate experience will not deter you from pursuing your dreams to better yourself, your family, and mankind.

Education is all about learning, and I hope you will look at this as a learning experience in itself. I hope the disappointment, lost funds, lost time, the lack of respect shown to you as a human being, along with the injustice that was forced upon you, will not have caused irreparable harm to your spirit. If you can, you have learned a valuable lesson that you will not find in any books nor receive with any diploma.


  1. Well, don't forget that a lot of the customers of these diploma mills are not themselves pure and innocent. They may be wicked or they may just be dumb, but their goal is to get a fancy sounding degree to fool people with--and not to do any work or study in its pursuit.

    My wife worked with a guy many years ago who was paid big bucks as a musical therapist. He was a good musician, a good teacher, and good with kids, good as a therapist. In any kind of a sane world, he would be...a musical therapist.

    Unfortunately, come to find out, his 'degree' was from one of these diploma mills, and he was fired immediately, his place to be taken by someone much less talented but with a real degree earned at a real college taking real classes.

    If we value a piece of paper more than talent, no wonder some people pursue the paper and ignore what the paper is supposed to represent.

  2. Well spoken, John.

    For years, while I accompanied my husband through out his military career, I always wanted to finish the college education I began just after High School. I married at 19.

    But, Air Force Bases were never conveniently locaterd near college campuses, so many times, I contacted such colleges to get that "distance degree". My intensions were sincere.

    I came so close many times to enrolling in one of these diploma mills. I desperately wanted to finish my degree in teaching. I wanted to learn how to become the best teacher I could possibly be.

    Each time, however, my intuition would tell me, something is not right with this picture. I have had a lot of practice with I-Searches in this regard. I am glad I listened to my instincts. back then.

    I do value talent more than a piece of paper, however, society and the job market still think otherwise. Hence, I am in the classroom forty years later. And my intuitions are correct...I am in the right place now.

  3. John,

    Hit the "post" key too quickly. Is there any way to edit a comment? I see a couple errors here. Oops.

    I know how to edit the main post, but not the "comments" pieces. I am working on my computer skills. So far, they are all self taught.

    Appreciate your patience.

  4. There should be a little garbage can icon to the right of the date at the bottom of the post. Click on it. You can copy the old post, then dump it, then paste it into a new comment box and edit.

  5. Thanks, John. I hesitated going anywhere near the trash can. I did not want any surprises.