Monday, October 26, 2009

WEEK #9 Freestyle ( October 26, 2009) ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY

I have been working on my Isearch religiously for some time now. I have to admit the Internet has put a lot of information at our fingertips. Over the weekend, I was telling my Mom, how I recall lugging tons of books home from the library to do an assignment in High School only to find most did not have the information I had hoped to find. The Internet allows you to scan the pages beforehand to get a feel for the info. I thanked my Mom for all the typing and spell checks she did for me back then. She recalled how she labored over footnotes and the bibliography. She was amazed at how the bibliography is much easier to do now with the help of EBIB. I explained how cut and paste works and she was glad for me… I think she thought I was calling to ask her to type my paper.

I decided to send my folks a “care package” this week, some snacks and a card. Just a “thank you” for caring to help me back then with my school work …and now too!


  1. Oops, John, I will post this where it belongs...class blog.

  2. "I think she thought I was calling to ask her to type my paper."


    This belongs right here.