Monday, October 19, 2009


My Father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. My purpose here is to clarify my understanding of what I’m dealing with, in caring for him, and inspire others with similarly stricken family members.
This topic intrigues me because:
The disease seems to be affecting so many aging adults.
I have professionally provided care for Alzheimer’s afflicted residents in an assisted living environment.
I too, as an adult, want to know the warning signs that indicate onset of the disease.
Regarding my Father’s situation:
Is Alzheimer’s a normal aging process?
Is the disease gender driven?
Is the onset manageable, or even curable?
Is Alzheimer’s the same as dementia?
Am I predisposed as a family member?
Answering my questions can enhance:
My capabilities of caring for him when he visits?
What modifications of my home can better assist him.
What special needs he now has that I must be aware of?

There must be a method to get this over to the blog without loosing the bullets, bold type,centering, etc. I tried changing the file extension but I did not get the results I wanted. I sent an email to you with an attachment showing the correct format.


  1. I'm afraid that, no, there is no way to maintain format while transferring text to blogger, or I haven't found it if there is. I'm not worried about formatting on these working papers, but in the end when it's time for the first and second drafts of the isearch to be handed in, I'll either need a word processing program I can easily open or a hard copy to show that formatting stuff.

    A minute later...I just figured out what I could do to open the doc you sent me last night. Bullets, margins, etc all look grand!

    As does the actual content here--I haven't any suggestions.

  2. John,
    Glad you could open this. If you are satisfied with this "Why", then I will proceed.