Sunday, December 13, 2009

ENG 101 95 WEEK # 16 (12-16-2009) Graf #11
Part 1: Course Evaluation
Part 2: Something I have written that I really liked
Part 3: Personal Course Evaluation

Part 1

I have learned the joy of writing and the pleasure it gives me. Fortunately, my instructor has enjoyed my assignments as well. I enjoyed reading the Freestyles and Prompts of my classmates, I feel I now know a little bit about each of them though we have never met. I have gotten a glimpse into their world as they did into mine. I shared their joy and their pain. Isn’t that what writing is all about?

I liked the format of the syllabus: lecture and homework columns by week and date. I looked forward to the variety of topics each week for the Prompts and Freestyles.

I learned the components of a good essay. I learned how to organize my thoughts to make an essay stronger. I now know how to develop at least nine different types of essays. I had many sample essays provided to read to reinforce the application of each style. This was extremely helpful. I now put more conscious thought into something before I say or write it. My confidence was heightened when my instructor suggested several of my essays be submitted for consideration to the Eyrie.

I learned how to create a blog and looked forward each week to posting my assignments and comments. I appreciated the candid feedback, support, and suggestions of my instructor. Initially, I was surprised to see this assignment on the syllabus and somewhat apprehensive. Now, I know what I have been missing all this time. I feel confident in reading and writing on a blog now. I will continue to use this means of communication for personal and business purposes. I thank my instructor for the easy to follow, step-by-step instructions in setting up my blog.

I appreciated the dedication and availability of my instructor. My emails and comments were responded to within 24 hours, often time’s minutes after I sent a message including weekends. My instructor was genuinely compassionate, accommodating, and very supportive when personal circumstances jeopardized my enrollment in his online class. I am grateful for the personal invitation I was extended to come into my instructor’s “live class” for help in finalizing the Isearch project.

I learned how to create a bibliography on line. This proved to be a time saving resource for me. I have shared this with others since, to help them with their high school homework.

Part 2

I am most pleased with my Isearch experience. Although I was assigned the project, it afforded me the opportunity to seek answers to questions I had back many years ago. I have always enjoyed doing research projects and the time and energy I devoted to the research itself was something I looked forward to doing every day.

I feel I have a better understanding of the Alzheimer’s disease and I feel more confident in providing care for my Dad now than before. You will often fear what you don’t know or have a proper perspective of. I can deal with what I know now, funny, that was the topic of one of my assignments!

Personal Course Evaluation

I could not offer any suggestions or improvements on something that is perfect just the way it is.


  1. Pleased to have met and taught you.

  2. John,

    Sent my final to you at 2pm. My email says it was not delivered and sent it back to me. Now What do I do?


  3. ENG 101 95 WEEK #16 FINAL EXAM ESSAY (12-48-2009)

    I had my first “real paying” job at the tender age of nine years old. I was an entrepreneur and I had the ideal job. I was the boss, made all the decisions, handled the entire inventory, had no overhead costs, set my own hours and sold a product I loved.

    I was fortunate to have a huge backyard full of an heirloom variety of strawberry rhubarb. I was also at an age where I was just becoming aware of the fact that things cost money. That summer I wanted a bell for my bicycle among other things and it was the one thing I did not get along with all my other gifts for my birthday that June.

    I had four siblings now and I heard the word “budget” get used a lot. Although we had a lot of trees in our backyard, my folks were gentle yet honest in telling me we did not have any money trees growing back there either. I interpreted this fact of life as my folks confessing to me that we were poor, as only a nine year old might imagine. I was determined to earn money that summer. Not just money for myself so I could buy my bell, but for my family as well.

    I often overheard my Mom comment while shopping with her at Star Market, that we had rhubarb better looking than what was in their produce department. Great, I thought. I will sell our rhubarb. When I got home, I sat in the garage, beside my bicycle, of course, pencil in hand and wrote my first business plan. I folded my 11”x14” yellow, legal pad sheet of paper on the cement floor into thirds and began writing. This was something my Dad always did before making important decisions. I made an entry in each space. I knew I needed to set my price, advertise quality and convenience, and deliver a product that would make customers buy from me and not from my competitors.

    I tagged along that following Friday night to shop with my folks at Waltham Super Market. I noted the price, packaging, and quality of the rhubarb they were selling there. It was comparable to Star Market in Auburndale. The average was 19 cents a pound; clear cellophane wrapping, and stems that were also drying out. It did not resemble the fresh looking images in the “Beacon” weekly newspaper. I knew what I needed to do now and I wasted no time.

  4. While I was in the store aisles, I had listened to people complain they needed to get to the store after work to get their purchase and get right home to cook supper. I thought, this was my edge. I will catch people en route, coming home from work; advertise my cheaper price and fresher quality of rhubarb.

    Beside me in the garage, I found 2”x 4” pieces of #2 grade cedar wood my Dad had purchased for the patio he was building. I nailed several together to make my sign: “Fresh Picked Strawberry Rhubarb, 10 cents a pound “ and an arrow pointing to the left. I strategically placed this sign at the end of my street, along Commonwealth Avenue promptly at 3:30PM. I placed two more signs coming down the street, one directly at the end of our driveway. I had a steady flow of traffic diverted down Bourne Street that first day and I couldn’t have been more pleased with myself.

    Now that I had my customer at my card table in the driveway, I wanted them to buy more than a single pound. After all, I needed to sell at least 80 pounds to buy my bell alone. I placed several sliced pieces of rhubarb on a doily and set my Mom’s sugar bowl beside it. After, a few samples, my customer decided they needed several pounds and not just one or two. Although I had several bags prepared for immediate sale, I insisted they follow me to the garden to pick “some fresher” pieces. I returned to the scales at the card table
    and that armload now became five or six pounds. Yet, I only charged them for the five and said, “And this is for good measure” and gave them all that was picked. I wanted return business.

    I neatly wrapped the rhubarb stems in my Mom’s white meat wrapping waxed paper that she donated to my cause. I tied the package with red yarn and gave them a hand written receipt. Of course, I wanted to appear professional so I needed a stamp on my receipt. I only had a stamp set of Roy Rogers, so that was the logo stamped on each receipt. It looked more personal than either Star Market or Waltham Super Market packaging, I thought. Before long, I was setting my sign up at the end of the street there twice a day.
    My business was thieving. On hot summer days when I preferred to go swimming at Crystal Lake in Newtoville, I just did not put out my sign at all or just once in the morning.

    I had set a fair price, advertised by word of mouth and by my signs that summer, and delivered a fresh product. I had happy customers. Best of all, I had repeat customers. My Dad recognized the wood I “borrowed” and I had earned enough to buy more studs for him at Grossman’s in Wellesley. My Mom donated the yarn and paper willingly.

    I bought my bell for my bicycle at LaBarron’s Hardware Store up the Square. The next shopping trip out to Star Market, I placed a half gallon of house brand Vanilla ice cream along with a 12 count box of sugar cones in my Mom’s cart and said, “I’m buying these“ and dolled out the treat to my siblings when we got home.

    Hello John,

    Hope my Final Essay transmitted alright? I attempted to give you a my steps to a successful business plan...

    I also realized I gave you something else. Please do not grade this based on the date I put in my heading. I was a little nervous, I guess. Please change this date to 12-18-2009 (not 12-48-2009) as I have just done on my draft here. Thank you.



  5. John,
    Had to split my final here in half to transmit it. Please send an email to let me know you received this. When I originally sent it to the "wired" email address you gave, a few minutes after sending it to you, I got an email saying it was returned to me? Please advise from here...

  6. Hi Carolyn--I'm not sure what the problem was or on whose end it lay, but I did get a version eventually at mainelywired; I wrote you a couple of times and tried calling the phone number you left. You're all set.